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Are you looking for an Agency that?

  • Can write excellent PPC ad copy, that will go as far as looking at your competitors adverts and beating them
  • Understand Google quality score factors like they are obsessed with them
  • Will apply the right negative keywords to your AdWords account, ensuring you only appear for searches with the right intent
  • Ensure you are using the best bid strategies for your campaigns, not just the ones that help Google’s profitability
  • Improve impression shares
  • Improve conversions
  • Help with fine tuning of your landing pages
  • Get the most for your AdWord’s spend
  • Are Google AdWords Qualified
  • Communicate pro-actively
  • Are Accountable

Then look no further! At Disruptiv media, we take great pride in the PPC management services we offer. Whether you are a small business looking for mentorship or a large operation looking to outsource this aspect of what you do, we can help.

We are a team of Google certified experts at your disposal, ready to take your advertising on Google to the next level.

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Why Do I need PPC?

Nowadays, keeping abreast your digital footprint is necessary to the success of your business. With most businesses constantly battling to reach the highest presence in the digital landscape, one must invest in PPC (Google Ads) to stay competitive within their market.

PPC works well in parallel with other digital marketing services like SEO and Social, while keeping your business top of mind during Google search queries. What better way to get in front of your prospective customers than by advertising your business directly to them when they need it most, while they are searching online.

Why use a PPC agency?

Google offer some excellent advice through their network of support assistants. However, Google’s primary objective is their own profitability and right now they have more to lose if everyone used their services more efficiently. Testimony to this is any PPC course will show you how to adjust Google’s default settings which are configured to ensure you spend the maximum possible with no thought of return.

Depending on your level of spend, a misconfigured account can cost more than outsourcing your PPC activity to an expert. That is why there is such a thriving industry of PPC experts. Many of our clients work with us as we prove to be effective while staying cost efficient. Let us show you how with a free PPC Audit, to determine where your account may be under performing.

Our Costs

Unlike most PPC Agencies, we do not charge based on percentage of spend, as we think this presents a conflict of interest. Our free PPC Audit will give an idea of what may be needed to manage your account. We then propose a monthly cost based on what we think will be a fair amount of time to manage your account. For clients that have limited budget and are simply looking for mentorship, please get in touch for our latest hourly rates by sending an enquiry

Why Disruptiv Media?

Our minimum standard is your complete satisfaction. With over 15 years’ experience working in the Advertising sector and 8 years of managing AdWords campaigns, we offer expert oversight on running your campaigns at a fair price.

We provide a clear and coherent analysis (for free), on your current account standing and what we can do to improve it. All our clients have clear oversight of what we do for them and regular reports on progress. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and delivering results. Why not find out what it might look like if we managed your PPC activity by requesting a free account Audit?

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