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Disruptiv media has over 15 years’ experience with website design. Most of our clients expect:

  • Attractive design
  • Seamless user experience
  • SEO optimised architecture
  • Robust and up to date coding

With all that said, we have found that the most important aspect of a new or revamped website is the design itself.

Sure, SEO is important, and we are experts at that too. But, when it comes to what our clients measure as a successful site build, design is usually what matters most. All businesses have an emotional connection with their websites, and this is why excellent design is so important.

Why are 90% of websites not designed to their full potential?

Think of a website designer as the person who makes the engine in a car. Is that person the right fit to design the body of the car? In most cases no. Therefore, separation of coding and design is very important with your website project.

Most coders are like engineers and very few excel in design. Strangely, a coder can follow an existing design and replicate it exactly. So for your web project it’s best to separate these aspects, to ensure you’ll end up with a great looking website. We have followed this process enough times to see most our clients ecstatic with the results.

If you have your own artists that works too, as our coders can effectively replicate your design. We’re flexible when it comes to approach.

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What about templates?

Templates can be cost-effective options, and some are designed well. Just keep in mind, once you get into the code they often require a lot of customisation, and you may end up with a site looking similar to one of your competitors.

Certainly an option to consider, but if you are the type that doesn’t want to be seen in the same outfit as someone else at a party, this may not be for you.

What about costs, and what is the cheapest option?

Most website projects we undertake usually cost between £1500 – £2000 ($2000 to $3000 USD) minimum especially if there is no design concept. If you are looking to spend less than this, we would strongly advise you to look at some of the build it yourself options on the market such as:

These are great options if you have a limited budget and time on your hands. It’s also possible to have success with these in the initial stages, and later on decide to approach a more sophisticated website with a unique design.

WordPress Websites

We are not limited to WordPress, however it is our weapon of choice, as the platform offers a lot of scalability. So if you like WordPress, GREAT… and if you don’t, GREAT! Always happy to discuss various options, if you would like to give us a call.

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If you would like us to price up your project, please get in touch. We don’t approach enquiries with a pushy sales mentality. We believe providing you with right advice will lead you to the right path. If that’s with us, we see it as a bonus!

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