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At Disruptiv Media, our social media team provide expert digital marketing strategies to significantly enhance your online presence by increasing traffic and engagement rates.

Reach your target audience with a customised social media marketing approach for your brand. We’ll help you increase engagement through relevant content and distinct branding, all while ensuring that your brand remains in sync with your specific industry.

In this modern age, having a strong social presence is pivotal in marketing your brand to new and existing customers.

With that said, the nuances of marketing your business can become overwhelming with valuable time wasted figuring out the how-to’s of digital marketing.

This is why we offer a team of experts to take the guesswork out of growing your brand, working towards virality, and gaining a loyal online following.

Social Media Channels

Whichever social media channel is best in marketing your brand, our team of experts know how to work with their specific functions.

Our Services:

Our customised social media marketing services are designed to identify and meet your brand’s goals. Wherever you want to take your brand online, we’ll help you get there.

  • Industry Specific Social Media Strategy
  • Customised Social Media Packages
  • Full Scale Digital Profile Set Up
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Daily Social Media Management
  • Audience Engagement and Increased Following
  • Monthly Analytics & Reports
  • Advertising Campaign Strategy and Management

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Establishing Social Media Profiles

Securing your presence on social media is a means to show audiences what your brand is all about, and ultimately another avenue to reach your customers.

If you’re just getting started or want to up your game in marketing your brand, our team is here to help. From creating a social marketing strategy, analysing your target market, to creating profiles, we can provide full support or simply lend guidance on areas where you could use more expertise. Contact us and our team will be happy to start working with you to market your brand.

Content Marketing Plan

Our social media writers create big-picture content, while also giving you final approval for each and every post before getting published. This is to ensure you have control over your messaging, and how your brand is represented.

Based on your digital marketing goals and company objectives, we create relevant and industry-specific content to attract and engage your target audience, while building a loyal following that will get your brand trending.

Boosted Posts

Social media is about turning followers into genuine fans, and in turn, loyal customers. Through paid ad content, you can heavily target your specific audience, and ensure the right people are reached.

Our team customise adverts as an end-to-end strategy. From analysis, design, execution, monitoring and optimisation, you’ll get strategically placed ads across your social media channels targeted towards the audience you want to attract and retain. With paid ads, they’ll be steered towards the right interests, demographics and location in order to help attract the audience who would benefit most from your business.

Audience Conversion

How about the audience who have shown slight interest in your brand, but haven’t taken any action? Well, we offer remarketing campaigns which act as a means to promote ads and social media posts to this defined target audience.

With our social remarketing campaigns, you can convert engaged followers, ad-viewers, and website visitors into long-term loyal customers who engage with your brand in the most desirable outcome: purchasing your product or service and telling others to do so as well. Through strategically redesigned ads, we can help attract casual viewers and turn them into customers.

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