SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO can offer an excellent return on investment, as more people trust organic search results than those offered in the advertised positions.

We can help with your project, whether you are doing SEO for the first time or simply looking to build on a solid base of existing rankings.

What makes us different from other providers is we’re clear from the get that SEO improvements can take time and can be a long process. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website over a shorter timescale, then you may want to consider social media or pay per click activity as alternate methods of winning more traffic for your website in the short term.

SEO is not complicated

SEO knowledge is not proprietary by any means. Some quick research online will show you an abundance of resources that close the gap on your understanding of search engine principles.

Any SEO agency claiming to have special knowledge or a “secret sauce”, is in our opinion, a red flag.

We will never claim to have special knowledge and will go out of our way to help your understanding of important SEO principles. If our clients want that information, it’s our job to provide it.

White Hat SEO

It is true that algorithms change, in fact, there were 2000 updates in Google’s algorithm over the past three years. Sounds daunting right? Well in principle all the updates are to combat poor SEO practices that inflate search rankings by attempting to fool Google.

This can be done by creating fake websites that show a false footprint to a master website (PBN’s), or producing content that is aimed at pleasing search spiders, but not human visitors to a page.

You may not follow SEO and still find your pages rank high, as they serve user queries well. So in principle, SEO is about keeping it real and not trying to manipulate search engines. We stick within Google guidelines with all our work. This means when Google updates it’s algorithm, rankings for our clients either improve or remain the same.

Our approach to SEO

We break our SEO work into three areas:


It’s not just about writing great content. Understanding what keywords your potential website visitors may use, and the intent behind those words is a crucial first step. This is the key to unlocking your website’s traffic opportunities. We are experts in doing the research and creating pages that your visitors will love, and most importantly, that search engines will understand.


There is more to this than getting links to your website. We really go in depth to understand what type of online footprint you should have to perform well in search. Google has several sophisticated measures to know how trustworthy your organization or business is. This can be the number of brand mentions, local citations or mentions on relevant websites. Our work is to make sure your online footprint is a fair and consistent representation of your business as it should be.

Website Experience

Search engines do not only look at site speed and mobile experience as ranking factors. Underneath all that, the overall website experience is crucial. If visitors abandon your website, search engines pick up on this and can reduce your ranking positions. Our team have a solid track record of creating pages that not only load fast and look great on mobile, but also contain elements and design principles which seduce visitors into sticking around!

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Our Services

Almost all SEO agencies focus on providing what in the industry jargon is called “Offsite SEO, “Onsite SEO” and “Technical SEO”. What we do in principle is not different from what most good SEO agencies will do. We just use plain English, which many of our clients find refreshing.

Ultimately, SEO work is time consuming and many of our clients outsource it to us as we offer a cost-effective means of getting it done. We provide easy to understand metrics to show our progress, and we demonstrate a level of accountability unrivalled in the industry.

You can learn more about us and what we can do for you by getting in touch and taking advantage of several free insights that we offer.

Below is a brief outline of our different services:

SEO Audits

An SEO Audit is worth very little without deep evaluation and insight. We won’t tell you how many broken links you have, as any free simulated crawl can do that. You may already be aware that broken links are not a ranking factor, so why focus on it within an audit? Few reports focus on factors that move the needle.

Ours really hit on the specific actions you need to take in order to improve your rankings.

Our SEO Audits offer in depth analysis on what needs to go into your content.

Why Google is favouring other sites over yours and what you can do to bridge the gap. We identify the leading technical issues holding your website back and provide suggestions on how to solve them. We provide the ultimate blueprint to transform your website’s traffic. Most importantly, our Audits focus on issues that will improve your rankings, rather than box ticking.

Get in touch if you would like a sample Audit.

Link Building and Digital PR

If your competitors are mentioned more than you online from trustworthy sources, how will you convince search engines to favour your website over theirs? This is where we can help by bridging the gap between where you and your competition stand. Finding relevant, appropriate websites where your brand should be mentioned.We also put together strategic digital outreach campaigns to showcase content that people may want to share.

We are not short of ideas on how to improve your online mentions; the key is that we use a unique approach for each of our clients. Get a free online mentions audit.

SEO Content Optimisation

You may already have a great website with awesome content. It may just need SEO fine tuning, and this is something we can do cost effectively.

If you would like us to analyse your website to see how it could be easily optimised, request a free content audit.

Site Speed Optimisation and Mobile Friendliness

Many of our clients are concerned that their websites load slowly, or the mobile rendering is not good enough. We can get sites performing both for search engines and human visitors. We have hundreds of projects under our belt, and are confident in getting your website working as it should be.

WordPress SEO Optimisation

Most websites we work with are WordPress based, and we are very familiar with some of the best approaches to get WordPress SEO performing to an optimal standard. We can also manage keeping your WordPress website up to date, and any other help with maintaining your website including design changes.

Complete SEO management

We execute one off SEO requests and ongoing work. Most of our clients work with us on a retainer basis.This is mainly because we cover all aspects of SEO work in a monthly package.

Typically for our retained clients, we offer the following support:

  • Monthly reports on progress and traffic growth
  • Writing an SEO Audit and Strategy
  • Updates on the latest SEO trends
  • Identify relevant keyword and funnel opportunities
  • Optimising and tweaking content to maximise visitor intention and answering user intent
  • Technical SEO optimisation of websites
  • Ensuring websites are client friendly
  • Link building and outreach
  • Google search console management
  • Toxic link checks
  • Citation building
  • Making pages enquiry and engagement friendly
  • Measurement set up such as Google analytics and Reporting tools
  • Competitor tracking

We believe that transparency helps us work with you better. We work with you in your SEO strategy and will always keep you in the loop when it comes to your account. You’ll be able to track your metrics and success with our regular and easy to understand reports.

Want to know how we can help?

SEO Costs

Our costs can range from £1000 a month up to £3000 depending on the size of the SEO brief. If you would like a quote, please submit your request here.

If your budget is below £1000, it probably does not make sense to use an SEO agency and do the work in-house.

You may be interested to find out more about our SEO mentorship programme.

SEO Mentorship

Effective SEO Services that cost under £1000 a month can be risky territory. Think about it, are the cheapest operators in your sector the best? For many businesses, a huge outlay with no immediate return may feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we think supporting in-house SEO efforts may be the way to go for companies who want their own SEO but would like the guidance of experts.

Costs start from £79 per hour. Get in touch if you would like more information.

Penalty Recovery

If you have been the victim of negative SEO or have a toxic back link profile, we can handle the disavow process with accuracy. We have done this for countless clients with positive results.

We strongly advise against using SEO tools to handle this, as per Google’s own guidelines, the whole disavow process requires intelligent human evaluation.

Poor execution can result in further harm to your rankings. Contact us for free advice on this, we would be happy to assist you.

Who are we?

We are a team of digital marketing hobbyists and SEO is our passion. We are an established business with long term clients on our books, and have an excellent track record. Ultimately, our core philosophy is to communicate with you pro-actively and do the work with high levels of accountability.

Contact us for:

  • A free evaluation of your project
  • Free SEO advice, and guidance. (The more you understand your SEO challenge, the better we can serve you or whom ever you choose to assist you)
  • Quotations
  • Proposal Evaluation

We are always happy to talk! Speak with one of our friendly advisors on 0208 037 0755

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