Job Boards

Job Boards

We design modern, sophisticated visually appealing job boards, without the eye watering costs that some providers quote.

With over 10 years industry experience and several successful projects under our belt, if you need a job board solution then look no further.

We have worked with and can help the following types of clients:

  • Non-Profits
  • Trade Associations
  • High traffic websites
  • Media Channels such as Radio or TV
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Existing job board publishers seeking fresher technology

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Job Board Content

What came first, the jobs or the job board? For many job board publishers this is a huge obstacle when getting started. How do you convince your first advertisers if your site is empty?

All of our solutions come with job fill solutions, meaning your visitors will not arrive at an empty site. Furthermore, you can monetise third party relevant content so you can really hit the ground running in paying back your investment.

Why our solution is a good fit

We offer a range of attractive pricing solutions as well as revenue share models for high traffic websites. The following benefits come standard with all our solutions.

  • Security and GDPR compliance.
  • Designs that can integrate with your current websites look and feel, as well as integration with your website experience.
  • The option to handle your payments, or other powerful payment options including the ability for your clients to pay invoices.
  • Easy to manage and intuitive interfaces which give you full control.
  • Free training and support to make on boarding easy
  • Powerful email systems to remind employers to renew
  • All the standard features you would expect from a powerful job board

Search Engine Optimisation and Google Jobs

Our job board solutions are built with SEO in mind. We also support the latest Google Jobs mark up, helping your jobs appear within a vast network of job aggregators. Furthermore, jobs are optimised to show in social media snippets for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Customisations for all projects

Job board publishers tend to want to create a one size fits all approach to maximise profitability, but such restrictions can be a deal breaker to success. We have a range of options and have solved a number of job board challenges in our time.

The most cost effective solution on the market guaranteed!

We have been perfecting the job board platforms we work with for over 10 years. We are shaking up the industry with our logical and fair pricing. For some organisations we even offer a revenue share model.

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